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The process involves spraying finely ground, electrostatically charged particles of powder comprising pigment and dry resin onto a pre-treated surface. The product is then oven-heated to fuse and cure the applied film for a smooth and even finish.

Powder coated surfaces are extremely hard-wearing and resistant to chipping, scratching and fading. Colour selection is virtually unlimited, with variations available in metallic and clear finishes, gloss levels, ripples and textures. High quality and advanced resin technology means powder coating colours stay bright and vibrant for longer. 

Powder coating is a finishing technique suitable for applying decorative, durable and highly protective coatings to a wide range of products and components.

Powder coating is a cost effective and smarter way of protecting metal and aluminum products with a decorative finish. The coating is tough and durable, giving you a scratch resistant finish that is colourful and attractive.

Whether you're an individual who would like to revitalise or refurbish existing items, or a company that would like to enhance the look and durability of your products, then powder coating is the answer for you.


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