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Pre-treatment is the process of chemical preparation of various types of metal and aluminium prior to the application of a powder coated surface finish.The key to a good paint job is a clean surface. That's why we make sure all jobs are cleaned before ever beginning the powder coating process.


Sandblasting is a common practice used to clean surfaces of objects, which is one of the first steps in the powder coating process. we can handle any and every sandblasting job. Whether it's a small job or a large job.



Our chromating process is used for the preparation of aluminium, cleaning the surface with acid and water, before dipping in chromate and washing. This gives the aluminium protection against corrosion as well as providing adhesion for the powder coating.


Phosphating is used to improve the corrosion resistance of the product.  Iron phosphate is the oldest method of pretreatment. It is a great way to improve the adhesion of the powder as well as doubling or tripling the corrosion resistance of powder by itself. In a pure steel fabrication process, it is the most common chemical pretreatment.
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